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End of Pork Season 🐷

Hard to imagine that summer is already over. The sun sets earlier, and the days are cooler. This time of year marks the end of the growing season for most things here at Southern Maine Stockyard.

Over the past six months we have fed, watered, chased, laughed, and enjoyed raising the pigs. We take pride in the way our animals live; the pigs are no different. The pigs enjoyed many hot summer days lounging in their own mud spa, relaxing in the cool shade, and enjoying many garden snacks throughout the summer and early fall.

This year we were blessed to raise pork for 13 separate families and raise one pig to donate to Maine Veterans. We love the ability to share the option of locally sourced food. All together we raised more than 3,500 pounds of organically fed pork for our neighbors!

As we turn the page on this year, we start to look forwards to next year. If you are interested or want to learn more about our products, please reach out. We can discuss costs, feed programs, available cuts, weight, how much meat, or whatever other pig questions you may have. Better yet, ask any of our customers or read the reviews.

Thanks to all for a very successful 2022 pork season.

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