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Beef CSA Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Nov 15, 2023


1. How much does it cost?

Price for all beef is charged based on the hanging weight of the beef at the time of slaughter. The hanging weight is the weight of the beef minus hide, head, offal, and other unusable parts. Below is a table showing the break down for a quarter, half, and whole beef.

Sales Price

Average Packaged Weight

Average Hanging Weight

Freezer Space Required

Average Total Cost

CSA Monthly (6 months) (minus depostit)

1/4 Beef

$8.25 / lbs



4 Cubic Ft



1/2 Beef




8 Cubic Ft



Whole Beef




16 Cubic Ft



2. What if I don’t want all the parts of the animal?

Customers are provided a “cut sheet” prior to the animal going to the slaughterhouse. The cut sheet allows you the ability to select cuts, what you want to keep, or what you do not. We are available to answer questions and assist with filling out the cut sheet based on your desires.

3. How long will it last?

When attempting to determine how much meat is consumed by your family, a general rule of thumb is ½ pound of boneless meat per adult, and 1 pound of bone-in meat per adult. Below is a rough breakdown. This is also impacted by how much beef you eat a week.

Whole Beef – Family of 5 or more for approximately 6 months.

Half Beef – Family of 4 for approximately 6 months.

Quarter Beef – Family of 2-3 for approximately 6 months.

4. How do I pay the deposit?

Deposit is required to secure your portion of beef. Deposit can be received in the form of cash, check, or Venmo (@shallie-hurd). Deposits are subtracted from total price of the beef. Deposits are non-refundable within 30 days of slaughter.

5. Where do I pick up the meat?

Beef is picked up directly from the slaughterhouse. Packaged meat comes cryovac sealed and frozen. Meat can safely be transported in your vehicle to your house (within an hour and based on outside temperature) without extra cooler or freezer arrangements without fear of defrosting or spoilage.

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