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Beef Sides

Beef Sides

732 Pounds

Meat will be freezer ready from the butcher.  Buyer will recieve a "cut sheet" to request types of meat desired and package size prior to slaughter date.  Deposits required to lock in share.


* 1/4 sides have limited flexibility for cuts.  Both quarters have to match on the cut sheet.  We will work with you and the other customer to try and meet your requests to the best of our ability.


2024 Sides Available

March/April (1/2 Side)

Fall (4 wholeSides)


Amount of Beef (packaged meat):

Whole : 350-450 pounds 

Half : 175 - 225 pounds

Quarter: 100-125 pounds


Deposit to hold:

Whole: $1000

Half: $ 500

Quarter: $250




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